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Christian Worldview

Christian Worldview
January 17, 2007By Cornerstone University


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Understanding how your co-workers think, what persuades them, and what does not.
Let's go to Matthew chapter 13 which contains some of the key kingdom parables that Jesus taught. Let me reiterate "Jesus was living and demonstrating the Kingdom in the way He lived his life. He used the parables to explain why he did what he did" one of the key ways to understand the Kingdom is to study the principles Jesus taught through these parables. He wanted us to understand what he was doing. He didn't want it to be a mystery. He didn't want his disciples to think only Jesus and God can do that. He said, look, if you put these principles into place they will work for you as well.
"Why is it so many believers in Christ are so abysmally ineffective for God in the workplace? Could it be because "too many…have given the Gospel a bad reputation by their crude, insensitive, soapbox approach to evangelism. What’s worse, many do it without a lifestyle and work style to back it up. The order is terribly important! If you want to win a hearing for the Gospel, start by being the best worker you can be and gain the respect of your peers.

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