July 19, 2024

Navigating Through Satan's Transforming World System
By Janet Spiewak

Given the massive changes manifesting, Christians must understand the following world systems structural building blocks in order to navigate their way through.  Satan has been working hard to rebuild his kingdom into a one world system ever since the tower of Babel.  He has been rebuilding his tower of Babel within the world system.

Iraq is tied to the prophetic rebuilding of "Mystery Babylon." First, economically, because oil is petrocurrency and oil economics is at the center of the world economic system. Second, spiritually. Bible scholars believe the harlot in Revelation represents all the false religious systems.  Third, governmentally. The Bible indicates the future world satanic capital will be in Babylon in Iraq. These Babylonian influences will transform the world system and form a transformational structure for the rise of "Mystery Babylon".

Then there are three Babylonian system structural borders that enforce world governance:  First, a world geo-political system constructed by elitist organizations.  Some of these elitist organizations are the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. Second, a world military system, best  represented by North American Treaty Organization (NATO). Defense technology and enforcement means holding the best technology in the world and control over NATO as the world military authority.  However, this should not make American feel safe because you do not defeat America militarily, but rather economically. Largely through the loss of the U.S. dollar world reserve currency status, and the undermining of its economic and capitalistic financing mechanisms.  Third, a world economic system through the World Trade Organization (WTO), General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (GATT), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 

There are three catalysts that are being used to transform the foundational governance platforms of "Mystery Babylon": Culture, Technology and Money.

 There are seven primary cultural catalysts that create "Mystery Babylon." As believers we face the challenge of occupying (or re-taking) seven areas in our culture: Media, Government, Education, Economy, Celebration, Religion and Family. 

There are strategic technological catalysts needed to transform "Mystery Babylon." With new technologies for cell phones, GPS, IP6 , individual, home, and transportation surveillance, facial recognition software and satellite surveillance technology, this is increasingly our reality.

This leads us to the third catalyst, money: In the narrowest sense this represents currency. In the broadest sense it represents any storehouse for wealth: stocks, bonds, commodities, non-profits, foundations, etc.  It also includes potential future transformation from the U. S. dollar as the world reserve currency under the authority of the Federal Reserve, to the future Special Drawing Rights (SDR) under the authority of the IMF and the World Bank. All of these are financing vehicles for the rise of "Mystery Babylon."

The transformation of our world is happening in a highly organized fashion that most people are largely unaware of. There are five world organizational transformation phases that must be implemented by the prince of this world to bring about the satanic one world government system.  The first global economic transformation has already occurred.   Second, there must be a future global monetary transformation. This will happen through the IMF bills, bonds and notes.  Third, a future global governmental transformation with United Nations authority.  Fourth, a future global religious transformation structured as a Unitarian system with a Freemason doctrine.  At this point, the satanic world system will be established.

We can see every day we open a newspaper or watch television that our culture has changed.  More accurately, the world is in a constant state of change. Forces that impact our world determine whether the change is for good or evil. Christian believers are to impact the world they live in and align with the Kingdom of God.  What Christians need is a structured biblical prophetic timeline that helps us identify how "Mystery Babylon" fits in the transformation of Satan's world system.  It will also provide us with a clear perspective of our Kingdom purpose prior to Jesus' return, focus to accomplish the tasks Jesus has called us to prior to Jesus' return.

What are Christians called to do prior to Jesus' return? We must identify our purpose and follow His plan to occupy the Kingdom territory God has called each of us to. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. If He is for us who can be against us?  God will work all things together for those who love the Lord and are called according to His Kingdom purpose.

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As I ponder the life of Jesus, I notice that He was never in a rush as He walked among us, often taking time to minister to someone while He was on His way to minister to someone else (read Mark 5:21-43). This is foreign to many of us who attempt time management methodologies instead of utilizing life management principles in which each day centers around a major agenda or category instead of mapping out each minute of the day.
"Time, in human perspective, turns a season from young to old; from seeds strewn in crusty earth to a harvest that yields amid frosty leaves. Time can be measured by asking, "How old are you? When did you move here?"
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