July 19, 2024

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge
By Janet Spiewak


Our world is changing rapidly.  American Christians know that our culture has undergone drastic changes. Long established foundational systems are changing in America and the rest of the world. Systems of the world monetary system are radically changing. Christians must prepare for even greater changes so that we can continue to minister the Word to a dying world. That is the goal of the Kingdom Wealth Transfer Summit.

As Christians we are to function and navigate our way through the transforming satanic world system as we are lead by Gods Word. But many Christians have discarded their biblical navigational radar and intellect due to the following erroneous beliefs: First, the book of Revelation and other prophetic books are more allegorical than literal.

Second, that God doesn't give us the ability to understand what must happen (or is happening) within world events, even though God has laid out warnings in His Word.

Third, although Christians know Gods Kingdom is built precept by precept, Christians fail to recognize the world system is also built precept by precept. With the help from God's Word and Spirit, a logical and systematic thought process can help us identify the building blocks of a one world satanic system.

We can analyze its interdependent pieces and discern the logical sequence required to establish each piece. We can use this understanding to navigate through this world satanic system as discerning Christians. 

Lastly, we can strategically position (through God's revelation) the Body of Christ and Kingdom of God to expand and flourish through the transformation of the satanic world system.

  Yes, God is in control, we are not, but we have free will and God has a plan to use us to establish His Kingdom, Israel and the Jewish people.  God blesses every nation that blesses His nation, Israel and His people, the Jews. Therefore the future of America is tied up in how we bless or curse Israel and the Jewish people. The Lord told Abram in Genesis 12:3 "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

Satan's objective is the extinction of the Jews and born again Christians. He works to undermine Jewish and Christian unity, establish false theology such as Replacement Theology that disconnects Christians from the Jews and Israel. We are called as Christians to protect Israel and reconcile the Christian and Jewish people.

We can choose obedience to Gods plan for His Kingdom expansion or pursue our own will. Only works led by God will remain. God has chosen to establish fellowship with His Bride through Christ.  He leads his people by the Holy Ghost.  We are partners in building the kingdom of God and we a have a job to do. Choose this day whom you will serve!

  Christianity is not a spectator sport. We're not to be bench warmers in this war between two kingdoms.  War is dangerous and there is a cost to follow Jesus.  It may cost you your money, your investments, your home, your marriage, your family, your job, it may even cost you your life. A committed Christian will need to prepare and understand the enemy and his systems of governance. How can we fulfill our Kingdom purpose without understand the building blocks of the world satanic system?

There are levels of territories to occupy both physically and in prayer until Jesus returns. We need prayer warfare and ground warfare to secure your occupation.  Each territory demands wisdom, understanding and Godly strategies in order to be occupied for the Kingdom of God and to change our world for Christ.  All believers are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, to protect, feed and care for widows, orphans, and the poor and establish His Governance until Christ returns.

The Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 is a lesson teaching us the power of declaration.  We must use the power and authority Jesus gave to us to declare God's will on earth in order to restrain evil and win the battle.

We have all been enlisted for the Kingdom battlefields.  But Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few".  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to help you identify your kingdom purpose and battlefield to occupy and establish the kingdom of God!

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Given the massive changes manifesting, Christians must understand the following world systems structural building blocks in order to navigate their way through. Satan has been working hard to rebuild his kingdom into a one world system ever since the tower of Babel. He has been rebuilding his tower of Babel within the world system.
As I ponder the life of Jesus, I notice that He was never in a rush as He walked among us, often taking time to minister to someone while He was on His way to minister to someone else (read Mark 5:21-43). This is foreign to many of us who attempt time management methodologies instead of utilizing life management principles in which each day centers around a major agenda or category instead of mapping out each minute of the day.
"Time, in human perspective, turns a season from young to old; from seeds strewn in crusty earth to a harvest that yields amid frosty leaves. Time can be measured by asking, "How old are you? When did you move here?"
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